Created Equal  Supporting Dir: Bill Duke
Girls Trip  Supporting Dir: Malcom D. Lee
Camera Store  Supporting Dir: Scott Marshall Smith
On Angel's Wings  Supporting Dir: Aaron L Williams
The Campaign  Supporting Dir: Jay Roach
Seeking Justice  Supporting Dir: Roger Donaldson
Mardi Gras  Featured Dir: Phil Dornfield
12 Rounds  Featured Dir: Renny Harlin
The Abduction of Jesse Bookman  Supporting Films in Motion
Scattering Mother  Lead Northern Star Ent.
Just My Luck  Supporting Dir: Donald Petrie
Vegas Vampires  Lead CMX Prod.
Tournament of Dreams  Supporting CMX Prod.
If Love Hadn't Left Me Lonely  Supporting Pittmobile Ent.
Deadly Rhapsody  Lead Pittmoble/Appling Ent.
On The Edge  Supporting Dir: Fred Williamson
13 Heads of Hair  Lead Northern Star Ent.
Poetic Justice  Supporting Dir: John Singleton
House Party III  Featured New Line Cinema
What About The Sisters  Lead PBS


Scream TV Series   Recurring Dir: Oz Scott
Scream Queens  Co-Star Dir: Brad Falchuk
Locusts  Co-Star Dir: David Jackson
Searching For David's Heart  Co-Star ABC Family
The Brooke Ellison Story  Co-Star Dir: Christopher Reeves
Miracle Run  Lead Lifetime Network
Oliver Beene  Co-Star 20th Century Fox TV
Strong Medicine  Co-Star Lifetime Network
Out All Night  Guest Star NBC
General Hospital  Principal ABC/Disney
Days of Our Lives  Recurring NBC
The Young & The Restless  Recurring CBS
Townsend Television  Featured Dir: Robert Townsend

Commercial Hawaii Syndrome 2  Wife Microsoft Hawaii Syndrome  Wife Microsoft


Aftershocks  Lead Inner City Cultural Center
Rose Song  Lead Inner City Cultural Center
Arts Festival  Lead Inner City Cultural Center
Deadwood Dick  Lead/Vocalist Long Beach Naval Base

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